Friday, July 06, 2007

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* Everything is interesting
* Everyone has a place
* Do something YOU like
* Find your own voice
* Make something that you're happy with
* Share it
a summary of I like's interesting2007 talk, (and blogging philosophy)

Fiction Writing 2.0: Six New Ways To Write The Next Great Novel
collaborative writing machines via Reeling And Writhing

This Is Your Life (and How You Tell It) via As Above
"...these narratives guide behavior in every moment, and frame not only how we see the past but how we see ourselves in the future.”

songbird via dirty beloved
Songbird is a desktop Media Player built on the same platform as Firefox...Songbird is a Web Player that surfs the Media Web, a growing network of media blogs, music stores, subscription services and social networks.

Aunts and Butlers
An interactive novella for the Electric computer
P.G.Wodehouse text adventure via things

Make your own Simpsons avatar via Twists and Turns


Ann O'Dyne said...
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Ann O'Dyne said...

re 'butlers' - a great movie The Ruling Class about 1972 has a scene where Arthur Lowe as the butler inherits from his deceased Earl, and walks into the drawing room with a loaded teatray,
drops it on the floor, exclaims "Thirty thousand smackers!" and exits.

The Evening Standard of London has an award for 'Promising New Playwright' and in 2005 they surprised themselves when awarding it to a woman - Nell Leyshon (age 44) for
'Comfort me with apples'.

She has 2 novels as well and has just adapted Daphne du Maurier's
'Don't Look Now'for the stage

(I recall really getting a shreiking fright when the creepy movie version midget stabbed Julie Christie).

that Evening Standard playwright award comes with a CHEQUE for thirty thousand english smackers ... the pseudy melbourne/sydney age/smh magazine should be so comforting of the performing arts ...

boynton said...

I've avoided seeing Don't Look Now after a few people told me of their own shrieking fright.
Might wait for a look at the play now.

re pseudy mags:
(i won't hold my breath)