Thursday, July 19, 2007



And speaking of dogs, nice lines and tumblers, Impending dog disaster might
be a useful phrase to unleash.


Tony.T said...

Wheel, Rover!

boynton said...

Not a performing enhancing dog.

Tony.T said...

Does cycling test for recreational dogs?

boynton said...

Only in labs.

Nabakov said...

Golden labs? The ones wearing the yellow jerseys?

Unlease the impending dogs of disaster and cry heel!

Lunar Brogue said...

Lovingly maintained yet partially dislodged, le chien waddled its way over.

boynton said...

It's in the lap of the dogs I suppose.
- jaune paw désastre.

It's just as well he waddled and that le chien in question was a labrador, prime waddler-movers, and not, say, a whippet.

btw- I used Google to translate this useful phrase:
désastre imminent de chien

Or in German (on behalf of Burkhardt): schwebender Hundeunfall

- which translated back apparently means floating dog disaster

Lunar Brogue said...

Made me laugh there B. Lord knows I've had my share of floating dog disasters!

boynton said...

cloud canine...
or canein.

Helena said...

all of the above was painfully amusing, as was L'Incident de Chien, which I was watching at the time.
The commentator claimed the dog was not hurt.
The owner of it deserves a thump.

genevieve said...

Impending dog disaster on a commemorative tumbler, perhaps?

boynton said...

the lab seemed to take it in his stride, as labs do. Can't really tell from that clip though.
Impending impounding for the owner?

Bottoms up.

TimT said...

And it's no, no, never,
Never ever no more,
Never ever again will he be
The Wheeled Rover no more.

boynton said...

And when they've caressed me as oft times before
then I never will play the wild labrador

Nabakov said...

Speaking of dogs ambling into trouble, check out "Hot Fuzz."

It's a fun film in its own right, made by the 'Shaun Of Of The Dead' team, that deftly takes the piss out of both 'Midsomer Murders' and 'Bad Boys 2' at the same time.

But what's relevant to this thread is that one of the HF commentary tracks is provided by two very experienced and rather laidback and sardonic Brit cops who have a very jaundiced view of real life police dogs employed in real life police work.

"When things get hectic, they can't tell the coppers from the crims."

"Yes, we used to call them furry Exocets."

(NB: There is only one canine cop in HF - who does nothing but pose and pant and then runs away fast from a WWII sea mine found in a barn.)

boynton said...

Sounds good. Will hire.

It'd be good to see a gritty raw expose of RL police dogs one day.
Jaundiced Labradors, fat, bent or oldskool sexist 1973 time-travelled.

That'd be a nice twist on Inspector Rex/Spooks

Gianna said...

"jaune paw désastre"...! lol.

if not a whippet, certainly a flippit...

boynton said...

flippit. good.

(The mad bluey here would be a nippit-flippit)