Thursday, July 12, 2007

happy side

I had more luck at my local op-shop, where this record cover jumped off the shelf for fifty cents.

It would be too easy to run a caption contest on this one.
("You Can't Be True, Dear.") reportedly sold something like 3.5 million copies, but the funny thing is that the hit version was actual a dub of vocals by singer Jerry Wayne over a copy of the tune recorded by Griffin as an instrumental number for skating rinks.
Space Age Pop


lucy tartan said...


The blonde looks like a dill.

boynton said...

She certainly looks more clueless than the brunette, whose body language is signalling a degree of doubt (or amber, anyway.)

Tony.T said...

I think you two are being somewhat disingenuous for Carry-On value. (Ooo, well I never!)

It's quite obvious to my discerning eye that the two boys are sharing a Montgolfier moment as they dream of the day they take their first hot-air balloon ride.

"From party balloons do zeppelins sprout."

I can't remember who said that, but I'm sure he, or possibly her, was quite wise. But only quite.

Juke said...

"Jerry, I told you they weren't balloons."

boynton said...

No strings attatched...

Close Encounters of the Fifth Dimension?

Anyway must fly, and buy up the op-shop's entire Ken Griffin Organ collection at 50c a Pop. It's lucky that FX doesn't know where it is. ha.

Lunar Brogue said...

How many of these little babies would you need for air, Roy?

Don't know Ron. Depends on the ballast I spose.

Hey, hey, hey, we're happy today Roy, remember. None of this gloomy "catch the wind" routine.

TimT said...

Let this be a warning, kids: helium balloons can get you high.

boynton said...

Just shooting the breeze, Ron.

Shooting-up the breeze.