Monday, July 30, 2007

key words

As noted in a recent comment to Juke, I'd be lost without my recent referrers.
I like the weird accents of googlish, and the odd compounds of nouns laced with the urgency or the concentrate of searches.
It's the only Word/Quote/Thought of the Day feed I'd bother reading.
So I was intrigued to see Tolstoy Volkswagen last week.
Was it a What car would he drive variation?

Sometimes though, googling the searches has its rewards, and I found a few good blogs by this auto keyword combination:
The kombies at Woy-Woy Walkies introduced me to spike and This isn't Sydney

Also to his wonderful flickr sets, including:
1950’s Woy Woy
Gone: Demolished buildings in Woy Woy & the Greater Gosford Area AKA Brisbane Water.

And another find was War And Peace - the comic version - within this uni resource guide. (Scroll down to 1865-1869)

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