Monday, July 07, 2003

traffic jam

As an update to thatlast freeway observation of a few posts ago, this traffic microsimulator also simulates the experience of walking in the park with dogs a mere fence away from eight lanes of cars. We'd be found freely running somwehere on the green island( via incoming signals)

Comments: traffic jam

"In summary, traffic simulation can contribute to reduce traffic congestions without building new infrastructure!"

Not here. In Melbourne they just build another round-a-bout. Or a speed bump. Or walky lights. Or any pissy new thing to slow down the traffic and keep the council budgets on target.
Posted by Tony.T at July 8, 2003 02:47 PM

You would have liked some new additions to Whitehorse Rd (way out in the country) spotted today then Tony.
Better be like boynton: go by foot, or go by bike. Good for the writing y'know.
Posted by boynton at July 8, 2003 06:07 PM


The way it works, is if we all sit around simulating traffic, we get to see how terrible it is inevitably going to get out there on the roads, so we decide not to drive, which reduces the traffic. Obvious when you think about it.
Posted by Gummo Trotsky at July 8, 2003 08:26 PM

But I like my car. It's silver and has wheels and a radio and little red and blue stickers on the back. I can see it now through the window. It's calling "Tony. Ignore the round-a-zealots! I'll always be your friend. Take me for a drive. NOW!!"
Posted by Tony.T at July 9, 2003 01:59 PM

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