Thursday, July 31, 2003


a most special guest post by esnet - of speckled and solipsistic fame

Regardless of the humidity, Ms Pea and I had been occupying the evening's time by galloping about in circles outside the house, providing a spectacle for the street and passer-by with our mocking charade of contemporary theatre and with evidence of pleasant mood. Spirits were high and humors good due to a productive day spent darning the details regarding our upcoming literary release, a penny dreadful by the name of Oh No! Miss Morris Has Misplaced a Galosh, penned by us both at the same time.

Things, as they were and continue to be, are of the favorable sort, not to be confused with ordinary times, when things appear to be off on holiday. Which isn't to say that we are ever annoyed at Things behavior regarding performance at work, social graces and attitude, it was simply an observation: Things enjoy a holiday now and then, such as they should.

That being said, it was unfortunate to find Ms Pea so completely lacking in control that when in a fit over our faux-equestrian antics, she threw a whalebone in between heaving courses of laughter. Knowing how tightly Pea is laced, it is needless to say that the recipient of the whalebone --a young boy who's name I was unable to catch along with the projected baleen-- was not pleased when he found the gift embedded in his skull, quite close to his right ear.

Feeling it best, Pea and I vacated briskly, around a corner or two and towards whichever path lead us in the exact opposite direction of the policemen, whose whistles were audible over the rooftops and seemed to be ever near. An altogether different situation is considered desirable when one finds themselves hunted much like a certain other celebrity --a John somebody or other-- and haste was to be listed among friends and acquaintances. So off we went and that is that and such as it is, tiddlty-tot. Ding!


It is of my opinion that it may be preferable for the Empire to skip this whole Boer-problem, as our getting muddled up in it can only lead to an atrocity.

Therefore, I say Sir Kitchener might better spend his time noodling in a pub on Rotherhithe Road, sipping brandy with Kate Douglas Wiggin, basking in glory over his fruitful holiday in Sudan.


Not known for my culinary excellence --though it is known to be on par with my correspondence skills-- I was in need of a recipe in the case Ms Pea startled me with news regarding a funeral, one which we would host complete with full menu. On par with my correspondence and culinary skills is my ability to behave when amongst the populace, and decided it best to be armed lest a sudden case of the societies was to be caught. Therefore, it was to be found:

Cucumber Sandwiches

•One loaf of bread and a knife to slice it, the cucumber(s) and the wrists with
•Two cucumbers of medium build, or one in the event larger varieties are present
•One vessel of cream cheese

Combine in the manner with which one does so wish. We personally and collectively prefer 'The Primrose'.



MME. A. RUPPERT says: "I appreciate the fact that there are thousands of ladies in the world that would like to try my world-renowned FACE BLEACH; but have been kept from doing so on account of the price, which is $2.00 per bottle, or three bottles taken together, $5.00. In order that all of these may have an opportunity, I am now offering my FACE BLEACH -- to any lady willing to come forth -- for roughly the same price.

Address all communication to MME. A. RUPPERT, 6 East 14th Street, New York.


Recently, when in a state of fear and panic, we came across the following items to be published here, in this gazette of high esteem:

Pacific Rim Camera Photographica Pages --An online guide to collectable cameras and related stuff

The art of T.L. Solien, T.L. Solien at the Tory Folliard Gallery and T.L. Solien at the Esther M. Klein Art Gallery.

The vision of Ed Paschke, Ed Paschke at Ciocca arte contemporanea with more interest produced upon gazing over the artish offerings on the Ciocca Artisti homepage.

The Seavest Collection of Contemporary Realism ("Contemporary Realism" F.f.T, H.e.h. -s)


"It is said," he remarked, reflectively, "that women's hands are growing larger." "Yes?" she returned, inquiringly. "Yes," he asserted. "And the worst of it is that there is every likelihood that this tendency will continue." Yes?" she said, in the same inquiring tone. "Yes," he repeated. "You see the bicycle and golf and tennis and other sports that women have recently taken up are responsible for it." "In that case," she said, with a glance at her own dainty hands, "you'd better speak quick if you want a small one." He realized that it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and he spoke promptly.

-The Chicago Post, Oct. 1896


Thank you, Boynton, I hope that wasn't an utter and complete disaster, all apologies are sincere and, therefore, I am sorry.

(posted for points on behalf of the blogosphere. With apologies for boyntonising the design )

Comments: cameo

Gosh those are great cameras on your first link s. I'm sure a graphic of one of them would have made the press over at the S Gazette. Maybe the Blair Stereo Weno. (And was that secret politcal content - in camera - given the names of the first two models?)
Posted by boynton at July 31, 2003 04:56 PM

I truly enjoy the "Rolleiflex Grey Baby" and wouldn't mind obtaining one for my non-existent collection. I've been nurturing a craving for pawn shop/co-op examination, in hope of coming across some of these earlier models. I desperately need something to occupy the old time.
Posted by .es at August 1, 2003 02:28 PM

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