Tuesday, June 23, 2009

masterchef 1941

- and in the spirit of masterchef forums, I was barracking for Jane. Sally seemed too smug and accomplished.

(- found via LT and another BFI film)


Ann ODyne said...

I cannot watch anybody faffing about with food on TV.
Maggie and Mr.Bangles,
Gordo, those mad Japs, Peter Russel-Clarke, and the creepiest of all Ian Parmenter.
Cannot watch. erk.

transpose cosmetics for ingredients,
hook 5 in off the streets,
and challenge them to slap it all on and come out looking like
Posh or Paris or Pink.

maybe I could watch that.

boynton said...

There is certainly a lot of faffing about these days.
Guess it's like snooker really - Perfect TV sport.

Ann ODyne said...

"Perfect TV" ... while most of the country is paralysed by ordinary people being humiliated in groups, I turn the receiver on for
Spooks, Hollowmen, Marple, Poirot, documentary accounts of financial swindles, and of cultured lives.
A 'Life Of Lautrec' and I'm there, last week it was the construction of a Steinway Grand - just rivetting.

Fat people crying is a shades-of grey-story, I like to go further than that - dead people! murder.

Perhaps if the losers were euthanased I would tune in.

This week's outrage at my place is
the total injustice of a stricken sportsman who has lead an exemplary life, embracing family and charity; when a self-indulgent drug-addled bag-of-pus footballer appears to be healthy despite himself.
just giving me the shits.

wishing you peace and love though.

(pls visit my blog of pretty stuff sometime)

boynton said...

I think I meant (it's been so long) that the TV screen frames a kitchen workbench and associated kitchen-athletics and ingredients so well that cooking shows were always going to be a TV staple, like talking heads, panel shows or indeed, snooker. A person chopping onions is mesmeric and the voyeurism is perfectly tied in with the superobjective of selling things.

Confession: I did watch MC - and enjoyed it until the finals week, when the commercial agenda became rather blatant, and the Coles Continental Stock Mum was always going to win.
In fact, I became rather upset about this reality-show-injustice.
Luckily television, and its anxieties, are essentially ephemeral.

iODyne said...

ah! lovely to see you surface now that it's over.
I could have predicted Mrs ColesMum was the greatest cook' on day 1
if I had seen a photo of her husband - he is prettier than she is.

Off now to watch The Swedish Chef of The Muppet Show - he makes those meatballs served at IKEA.

Ann ODyne said...

that FG above, has been standing in front of the amps too long.

great exposure of the 'Masterchef lies at the Tele' thanks to grogs gamut blog

Lunar Brogue said...

Ian Parmenter: "Lid on, gas down, and allow to simmer at my favourite blub blub rate".

Creepy but quotable.

(And his enunciation revealed a relish for rolling rs.)

Ann ODyne said...

The "tweet" of the night goes to

@AbuSufyaan: Exclusive: Telegraph announces Jeff Goldblum nearly wins #masterchef Australia. Came second to Richard Wilkins.

peacay said...

*tap tap*

iODyne said...