Friday, August 14, 2009


Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds in 1 minute, and 40 seconds.

(Hat-Tip to Norabone.)

Although if Tippi had been wearing a hat some unpleasantness might have been avoided.

...complaints about lame contrivances in his films were sufficiently common to inspire a defensive retort from the director. "A critic who talks to me about plausibility is a dull fellow," Hitchcock sniffed.  Salon

I must admit that as I watched the film on Saturday night, certain questions did occur to me - where are the sunglasses? Or wide-brimmed hats? Or blue heelers ready to snap at any swooping irritant? - although not to the extent where such questions cloud the view.
'A woman with a birdcage in a fur coat in a rowboat; it could be a Surrealist painting by Dali or Magritte'.Camille Paglia...Source


;{> said...

I can't believe it's a Barbie.

Link said...

I had a barn swallow try and take me on today. I stood my ground.

boynton said...

Don't throw a shrimp on this barbie...
Actually I posted about this doll last year.
But then I was thinking ;)
and now I'm thinking :)
and whatever emoticon stands for wish list

Glad to hear it, Link.
I once had a Birds-like encounter with a bird who swooped and followed as I ran inside...and waited...

boynton said...

Also, there's another less reverent YT - Birds in 90 seconds which does include the first gull swoop, my favourite moment.

R.H. said...

Miss Boynton.

What a mystery you are.

Dick said...

Brilliant. Even in 1 mt 40 the woodenness of the human performances prevails.

boynton said...

I get less and less mysterious every day...

Yes, and the woodenness enables the surrealism. (What is my motif-ation?)

At this speed, the clunkiness of the 'diner scene' is quite visible.