Friday, June 19, 2009


via pk:

good companions 

and (this is not a dog)... via J walk: Circle the Cat  


Link said...

Heh. That's how I like to play chess (and lose.)

boynton said...

Yes. I've always lost chess like that too.

Link said...

Good clean fun though. The nephew liked it.

boynton said...

could rival freecell for a while

Juke said...

3 tries to completion.
Still headed for that "when I was young(er)" post.
Working with old and abandoned batteries and same-same solar panels and (non-existent except inasmuch as I accomplish) plumbing and firewood and varmints and all the many things of living in the woods as it were as I am.
So far have run old faithful computer for 1 hour or so (due to lack of wattage) though cabin is far from online by mileage as well and also by infrastructure/funding in addition.
So make do with thrice or quaternary visits to local Uni library for books-up and typing exercises of which this is one most happily done.
Not that I'm bragging about the cat, particularly.

Lunar Brogue said...

Smoking dog. Fleeing cat. Mad world.

Rauchen Hund. Flucht Katze. Verrückte Welt.

Fumatori cane. Fuga gatto. Pazzo mondo.

boynton said...

I am impressed by your Cat skills.
If there's a secret, I haven't found it.
I'm rather inclined to go analogue myself for a while, and attend to some 'when I was younger' in longhand. Longhand beckons.

The smoking dog of a mad world?
Nice to see you again, LB.