Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I'm late to the 188,837 views party, but I've been enjoying this nostalgic hit.

And this clip too:



Link said...

'Going Places' was big with my Dad. Er... he was too.

boynton said...

Big in our house too.
I love this clip though, everyday sixties surrealism.

a thousand shades of twilight said...

Big in our house too, and one of my happiest childhood memories was dancin' about to Goin' Places. Still one of my favourite albums ever. And Whipped Cream is pretty good too!
Love both film clips - thanks for sharing.

boynton said...

We used to dance to Goin Places at our place too, and yep, still a favourite.
The Californian beaches look like ours too ? which adds to the summer/childhood nostalgia.

fifi said...

Oh my God, why have I been so long away from here???

My dad played the trumpet in a band, and this was on constant ritaion at our place and I have just had some serious nostalgic flashbacks. God, I love it. i shall have to steal it! And yes, it look slike the beach we holidayed at every year, weirdly so. Love it.

Must keep up here.

boynton said...

Hi Fifi - nice to see you, and apologies (to you and youse) for my latest bout of tardiness in replying to rec_comments. A very bad cold.

Just had to play it again, and again found it uplifting.
And a bit of a contrast to the apocalypso vision of The Birds.
I would certainly prefer to inhabit this stretch of the Californian coast, where the orchestra inherits the beach.