Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Yes (as mentioned in a comment*) I had half-thought of compiling a gallery of dogs in online real estate ads And this morning as I was idly browsing, I saw this fellow hiding in the corner of a view of the garden.

I'm very fond of this species, and was lucky enough to acquire one of my own about 20 years ago.


F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

Somebody will buy the house just to get the bird.

(Gordon told a story on The Collectors about a dealer who wanted a very old cabinet very badly. It was in a house for sale and the owner said 'sorry, cant sell cabinet till house is sold'
"how much do you want for the house" said dealer.
Cabinet apparently, seriously important.)

boynton said...

Tempted to. I hope he like his new home.

I've seen some 60s cabinetry and light fittings in houses that I've loved almost as much as the house. Not to mention the bathrooms.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

inside the undersink cabinet of a 1950's house I once owned, was the most wonderful wallpaper with pink stripes and black poodles on it.
Glued to the sides and back.
I choked to think of when it must have covered the whole room - the fittings were pink, so I guess it would have.
Sometimes updating is a very bad thing.

boynton said...

That sounds like the start of a novel to me: the lost poodleI've seen some sad crimes against retro heritage committed under the influence of renovation.

Ann oDyne said...

Robert B Parker (Boston Lit Prof) finished the novel 'Poodle Springs' which Raymond Chandler was writing when he died.
When I owned apoodle, I was always looking for things with poodles on, and there are not that many (in Victoria anyhow).

I bequeathed my poodle statue collection to blogger Camera Obtusa.

boynton said...

and Travels with Charley 
(which is beside my bed, to be read.)

That really does sound like the title of your novella, A oD, given that you owned one.
Labrador paraphernalia is a dime a dozen in comparison, especially in Boroondara.

In the early days of blogging, I found a few blogs of fellow black lab owners. Coincidentally - or was it inevitable? I guess twitter has sped up that serendipitous process too.

Bwca Brownie said...

Country Life issue of May 08 does 6 pages on Labs and shouts "the best dogs in the world".

I gave a 'friend' (whose standard poodle was dead on its feet) a copy of 'Travels With Charley' once, and months later they picked it up to throw in a box destined for the holiday house,
and said NOT ironically
"this stupid book someone gave me".
Dear Reader, I left him.

as they say, it's a dog's life
(move the apostrophes where you like them) and I was thinking that last night watching igloo-building while the poor 'Mush!' dogs dug holes in the snow for warmth.

boynton said...

I checked into the archives of Country Life, and among many entries under Labrador found a list of Best Dog (Most practical/ Socially Acceptable...) Hmmm, might have to tweak that for a fido-friday post ;)

TWC - A stupid book? Oh dear.

Anyway - via Wiki, I've just found my way to Travels with Gracie, so thanks again...