Friday, May 01, 2009


if I twittered I might tweet:

Got Mixmaster. T did. Man knocked $10 off as I raved about beauty n nostalgia.Yet to bake sponge.

ps. fx I know where you can get those oranges cheap.


genevieve said...

bought more plums for grey and white flowered bowl. Still to eat previous plums and chucked in a pear for good measure.

I can't be faffed counting characters though, can you?

genevieve said...

I have an iconic early 80s pottery souffle bowl I can't bear to take to the opshop either.

boynton said...

That's a great sentence.
I think Twitter might be good for that. Enforcing poetry.

The character count wouldn't matter as I also like the way a sentence might sud

Ann oDyne said...

You two would love it at Melbourne's GINGATAO blog

get over there ASAP

boynton said...

I did.I do.

Thank U.

Ann oDyne said...

My apology offered, for failing to link. I figured the name was sufficiently individual to appear first when Guugled.
He found me, when I posted on Percy Grainger, which is nice, but I admit the whole Ginge concept mystifies me. Gingermeggs is nearer mu level.