Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Meeting room with ... one wall of an abstract mural...

Bar room...with Boussac persimmon and olive striped curtains and furniture

Television room

Warren T. Harding and David C. Lorimer collection of interior design


F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

phew! I'm back ... weeks ago I followed that link and got lost in all the rooms.
Leslie Walford dreamtime.
he, of course, very influenced by Billy Baldwin' doyen 1960's US decorator.

when browsing domiciliary pronography like Architectural Digest, I wish some wit would present the rooms as they would really look - newspapers, schoolbags, shoes, etc ... ah that reminds me that East melbourne's Johnston Collection does exactly that.
gosh I enjoy coming here
- thanks MsB

whenever I dwell on costly decor, I wonder when somebody witty will recreate the caves at Lascaux on an umber wall.
I would, if I had a home.

boynton said...

Yes and if you spend too long on real estate sites it appears that no-one ever lives in their houses either.
Except when you venture into the less sought after rural areas, and the pics are less glam, and the clutter of life is apparent.
(Was tempted to compile a gallery of dogs looking through security doors into homes on real estate sites)

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

yes yes. I love spotting dogs and cats in real estate photos.
That melbourne Weekly and the Red mag are both real estate pron.

boynton said...

- of the glossiest order. But the online pron is better, with its street views and floorplans (and browsing by keyword)

Ann oDyne said...

these days, putting one's house up for sale is really putting it out there.

Just looked at that 'television room' link - no set visible, but the brandy balloon full of book matches collected. so sophisticated.

Caroline said...

the most important thing in the online real estate ad is to have an impeccably made bed. Photographs of the bed seem to be very important.

I think I spotted a couple of stubbed out cigarettes in the ashtray in the television room.

boynton said...

The lack of a television in the eponymous room intrigued me.
Mind you, there was no meeting in the meeting room either. I think the attendees may have been absorbed by the painting.

All beds are made. Now lie in it, I suppose?
Once again, you have to venture out of the city to see non-designer manchester in action.