Friday, May 01, 2009


And if I twittered I could link to this little old blog in style.

DickensURL via the Presurfer
Forget, now you have!



F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

so I followed the link ... it links to here (?) ... and @highwind asks "why do I have so many followers" and I wonder too.

face/twit must be good for people who are not bloggers.
When I go to check FB, somebody always wants to 'chat' and I can't cope with trying to clear my inbox there, while simultaneously responding to questions like 'what's a blog?'

boynton said...

yes it was 'what the dickens' to link back here I guess.
FB seems louder and more intrusive that tweeting away quietly.
Twitter seems to be blog-free commenting. (I always suspected that comments would usurp content)
Plus the networking nails it - blogging never got its pings together in time.
Right now the Twitter 'trending topics' are North Korea and Susan Boyle

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

I refuse to do TooYubes so I haven't heard Susan, but I can sing well but amateurishly too so I don't need to hear her.
I do revel in The Daily Mail online and I can see there that she has mown the brows and now looks just normal.

Your "comments would usurp content' is BRILLIANT.
TSPants turned her comments off and now says her FeedJit is way down.

boynton said...

I saw the lack of comments at TSP, and how it transpired.
A shame, because her writing inspires feedback.
(otoh, I also admire bloggers who let the post do the talking)

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

I would define an alpha-blogger as having posts which could stand alone in another environment.
Woolly Days is another one of those.

There are as many different reasons for posting, as there are days in our lives.

My bloglife is just a playground.
Maybe both TSP and I have our egos under control (as of course, do you).