Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Clicking the Like link next to something that you enjoy on Facebook is an easy way to let someone know that you like it, without leaving a comment...

Will I be able to unlike (and remove me liking something) after I click on the Like link?


TimT said...

Yes, once you click the 'like' button it turns into an 'unlike' button. But there's one difference, when you 'like' something a comments box appears; when you unlike it again the comments box just disappears.

Also, there seems to be no 'dislike' button.

boynton said...

I just thought it was a question of our times. FB asking the big questions, in new verbs.

like, that sentence could read pretty well as poetry.
Or Unlike?

Also, I think Blogger offers the same facility, but you can customise to cool/uncool
or bland/obscure etc.

Lunar Brogue said...

Monochrome judgement: like?

No. In endless shades of grey.

peacay said...

Needs an iffy button.

boynton said...

Charcoal, slate, iron gray, ashen, lead, mousy, gunmetal, silver, dove gray, powder grey, oyster, pearl, taupe, sere, Payne's gray. *

not to mention grey.

and an un- ?