Friday, February 20, 2009


In the days of the heatwave that preceded the calamity of bushfires, I remember listening to music in the low-fi cellar, having just read about just hear it at J Walk

Via the comments @ J walk, Grooveshark
Play any song in the world for free

so I've been catching up with some absent friends (CDs being elsewhere)


Juke said...

Morgen - Ivo Robic
Beatnik Fly - Johnny and the Hurricanes
Apache - Jorgen Ingmann and His Guitar
Melody Hill - The Archies @justhearit
Topsy (pts1&2) - Cozy Cole @ibid.
Topsy - Manhattan Transfer @ibid.
Look Through Any Window - Hollies
The Wind Blew All Around Me - Mary Lou Lord

Only just begun there and thanks much for these already

boynton said...

Thanks for those.

Yes - it's quite addictive, isn't it.
Will it last, I wonder...

Tim said...

That Grooveshark site is quite a find, isn't it? Loving it. Ta muchly

boynton said...

Sure is. The linking is the thing.