Wednesday, February 18, 2009


FX posted about Blossom Dearie.
I played the excellent 9 min clip, and then went looking for some old faves.

I eventually found My Attorney Bernie

see also 'S Wonderful ('S João)


Lunar Brogue said...

My Attorney Bernie is great! I bought a collection of Blossom Dearie tunes for a special lady friend years ago, thinking "she'll love this and she'll think I'm unconventional taste-wise". But, sadly, what followed was a slow adjectival wasting: first "special" then "lady". It wasn't long before the noun disappeared too!

boynton said...

"slow adjectival wasting" sounds like a blog, or a FB condition - though that's probably more (like/not unlike)"progressive verbal atrophy".

I bought the ABC CD Me and Phil which had both Bernie and Bruce.
And googling that just then led me to this recent replay of a Music Show interview, which is great, and includes My Attorney Bernie (sans Youtube terrier)

boynton said...

Er - this link