Monday, February 09, 2009


From the safety of the suburbs, I listened to the radio on Saturday as it changed from an extreme-weather story to a firestorm story as the whole state seemed to ignite with over 400 'fire events'. All you do is keep listening to reports from the fire front, a continual stream of emergency messages and tragic stories.

Kinglake local shares story on Victoria fires
Age Photo gallery
the township has "virtually ceased to exist"

Boston Globe: The Big Picture via peacay


genevieve said...

We had a family tea last night that ended up in a firestorm story session too.
I aimply could not look at Marysville - I was there for a couple of hours last October, and I want to remember it as it was. Just cannot deal with it at all. I remember everything I did that afternoon, because I was on my own (so unusual!) and it stayed with me.
Might blog it at some point, but oh dear.

boynton said...

Marysville breaks my heart too.
Such an idyllic place.

peacay said...

Just so sad..

My Aunt was evacuated (didn't even know she was down there visiting atm). Unhurt thankfully.

I've been assiduously avoiding the commercial tv stations; so crass.

Poor bastards is all I can think.

boynton said...

Good news, peac.

I still feel the need to listen and read as it still unfolds.

peacay said...

big picture

boynton said...

Have added link to post.

'news stories in photograps' is right...

Powerful - shocking - on that scale.

peacay said...

Should have said: if you don't know it, BP is one of the best sites - visual news about the world is, I suppose, its ambit - to have come into existence this past year. Always astonishing, in both the wonderful/beautiful and, as with the case in point, the tragic and appalling. It's the truthiest outlet online imho.

boynton said...


...though - too soon for Photography?

peacay said...

The goog have a dedicated page with mappy thingo and news feed.

Caroline said...

There have been some remarkable images--terrifyingly beautiful.

boynton said...

- though staying blind to any beauty in the terror at the moment.

Fires still burning, towns under threat and the tragic stories from the firestorm on Saturday are unrelenting.
I suspect that Melb bloggers find it hard to think beyond the local at the moment.

boynton said...

- although just heard on the radio that there are no "urgent threat" alerts at the moment, just "awareness" messages.

genevieve said...

The Boston site is very good, PK.
What a horrible week this is. I still can't quite believe it. A little before this time last week, Marysville was still here.

Ann oDyne said...

Fun4Paws are also looking for foster carers for dogs whose owners are homeless from the bushfires, if you can help please contact
Luke - 0415 104 044
Lynne - 0428 844 810 or

I will buy the dogfood for anyone who boards a homeless dog

boynton said...

A O'D: The response has been overwhelming.
They're now accepting donations.