Friday, November 23, 2007


Last night I dreamt I watched Rebecca again.
Actually it was Sunday night, in the middle of a November heat wave, when the lounge was so hot the only thing to do was watch an old favourite.
(And what's not to like? Cinderella nervosa.)
A couple of days later, I savoured some of the chilling moments in matching climes, wearing a jumper.

Googling, I found my way to Self-Styled Siren, with a recent post on Joan Fontaine and Rebecca.


Ann O'Dyne said...

"Lairst niight I dreamt I wartched Rebecca again"
haHa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I always think FTA-TV programmers should run entertainment set in the opposite weather to that the viewers are enduring - snow movies when we are sweltering and desert stuff in July, and yes we've had them both in a week.

I followed the link and was enjoying it all intensely; got about 6 paras in and forgot I had left YOU and started thinking "this post is a bloody thesis - that Boynton sure is smart"

but wait, it gets worse - then I realised I had been to that blog and read it all before. and that is why my very close friend who is a professional house-sitter, has chosen the pseudonym MrsDanvers over at

Now I have to find out if Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland ever played sisters in a film ...

boynton said...

Interesting to note the way that weather affects one's viewing of the film.
I deliberately chose snowy films to watch one hot January as an alternative to aircon.
Kitchen Stories was great.

Imagine Joan and Olivia in Whatever happeed to Baby Jane?
Or even Olivia as Danny in Rebecca Ha.
Half the combo in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte