Tuesday, November 27, 2007

prison alphabet

At first I thought- well, this is a strong contender for the dumbest use of a highlight pen in a school or university text award.

(Having once seen a history textbook in the library with 5 entire pages green-highlighted, nothing surprises me)
But further thought (and the annotation) suggests it's a script for a school presentation.
Still, I think I would have photocopied before striping my book.

(Update The poem is from Sometimes Gladness. Collected Poems of Bruce Dawe 1954-1997
5th Edition (Longman, 1997)
The teaching of poetry in schools is, after all, variously done, sometimes good, sometimes not so good. BD


Tony said...

It was the school bad boy crossing of his to-do list. Next: will not be told.

Tony said...

As in; I will not be told there are two effs in off.

boynton said...

Sometimes Badness

Ann O'Dyne said...

thanks for the link to the divine BD. brains are so sexy.
I have serious crushes on Clive James and Stuart Littlemore, Andrew Denton and Mr John Clarke.

as BD says at the link
"there is a desire for the transcendent in human beings which will manifest itself, willy-nilly"
and I think he's transcendent alright.

I had a conversation with him once (1987), standing in a crowd at The Continental in Greville St, waiting for Kinky Friedman to perform ... and I was enjoying myself intensely until I said to him "you look familiar. have I met you before?"


Tony said...

Anne, your writing looks familiar. have I read you before?

boynton said...

I found this Age article along the way, Ann, on BD and Paul Kelly ...
Although I'd seen Kelly play many times, I've only seen Dawe once, at a reading at the Carringbush Library in the early 1980s. I asked a question about the writing process and he replied with an analogy about repairing and assembling motorbikes

(and brains are ok but a kind heart is sexier than a big brain anyday, eh?)

Anonymous said...

Fuck this poem

Anonymous said...

No swearing please