Friday, November 30, 2007

one liners

Don't put off your happy life

No girls laugh at me

Spam One-liners via Daily Jive


Lunar Brogue said...

Don't put off your happy life is not quite:

(a) Don't show off in front of your future;

(b) Defer your misery (you can reclaim it in the afterlife);

(c) Get a room with sun.

boynton said...

Si (C) - resonates with me...

Also: Doing the Google Translate English→French→English produces Do not put your life happy
which is close to
Do not putt your life happy

Lunar Brogue said...

I agree. If one is to putt one's life (having failed to drive or chip it), one must do so in a complete state of sorrow.

On a personal note, I'm currently contemplating the fairly unhappy prospect of a double bogey on new year's eve.

boynton said...

Here's looking at you kid kid?