Monday, November 19, 2007

ben been

Last Saturday as I'm getting my hair cut, a woman rushes up and declares:
Ben Cousins is downstairs!!!!...
My hairdresser is (like totally) indifferent, and the woman retreats.
A pause before I ask:
Did she just say 'Ben Cousins is downstairs'?
- Yeah so what who cares he's a bogan.

- a line which inspires a Google poem

ben cousins
Compiled 11/19/2007 5:31:41 AM GMT

WITH the late-night behaviour
these days hey starro. spose, ur

Cousins drove through an underground
will arrive at AFL House in suit and

jetted into LA, where he was met by
in - From Consciousness Explained by

as What do you get when you cross
DRUG SCANDAL - In other news: grass

has bumped Britney Spears and Lindsay
team down at the cat bowl from a play

BEN Cousins will need AFL approval
was allegedly admitted to hospital

been forced to defend his wayward
is (your northern Have you heard

he was met by two attractive blonde
Cousins got picked up drunk outside

the football future of former West
grass is green, sky is blue – Post


ThirdCat said...

oh, yes, quite.

boynton said...

it's a googlescrambled thing, ain't it, however you can forgive all the oddness for its first and final couplets.
(re. poem that is)

boynton said...

(and re bc...
these days hey starro. spose, ur)

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh wow! Google poems!
[clasps hands]

Now Iknow what to do with my next zine!

Thank you so much!

boynton said...

I know &D, the Google Poem is a glorious thing indeed.

Nabakov said...

So search engine algorithms
contain contrary multitudes

harness lightening quests
scramble thought
hatch mismatches

you can't google eggs
until you've laid em


Seriously though, that is a fuckin' great piece of poetry. My favorite line is:

"Cousins drove through an underground
will arrive at AFL House in suit and"

Sports stars in ill fitting suits, ushered quickly through the bowels of a carpark to the lift that'll take them to a bland tribunal room that could end their earning power.

Roll Over, e e cummings and Adrian Mitchell.

boynton said...

The penultimate ambiguity of the cousins was good too, (if I do auto-generate so myself).