Thursday, September 06, 2007

name that

boynton's looking a bit half baked lately, in the #85C4CC sense of the word, anyway.

This is one of the the dropdown list of 1500+ colors at Name that Color (via the presurfer)

Interesting names include My sin, Neon Carrot, Wistful, Half Colonial White and Gossip, but it was the more prosaic Dingley that caught my eye today.

I suppose I had never really thought of the colour of Dingley before,

or of  dingley  having a colour.


Francis Xavier Holden said...

I only really heard of Dingley about 2 years ago when I drove through it (or should that be past it)

I seem to remember that it was after that I learnt that the young person pop group band thingo combo JET came from there.

Now you know everything I know about Dingley.

boynton said...

There's a pubtrivia question in there that I haven't heard before.

I played Mini Golf in Dingly five years ago.

(And nothing against Dingley btw. I haven't thought of any suburb in the Melways having a specific colour, but maybe I should.)

norabone said...

The colour of Kew is steel grey, fashioned into a "Boroondara bob" (as worn by Pru & Trude)

boynton said...

Silver threads among the gold?

What then is the hue of far kew?

Tony.T said...

Is there a hue of hue?

Lunar Brogue said...

I wonder what a blend of Half Colonial White, Opium and Nomad might approximate. Zombie perhaps? Olive Drab? Outrageous Orange?

And I want my bedroom painted in a 3:2:1 blend of Outer Space, We Peep and Ziggurat.

Nabakov said...

Now' here's a easy triva question.

Which late sixties Dutch pop combo ripped off this song?

Nabakov said...


Should have read

"Now here's an easy "name that" triva question.

boynton said...

A hue of hue?
A whiter shade of shade?

We Peep/White Linen/Blue Congress?
(Not to metion Tickle me Pink/Vesuvius)

She's Got It.

Nabakov said...

Well since we're drifting OT, how about a whiter shade of blue.

Like this, plucked from World of Kane,

I've co-written two albums worth of material for a female vocalist pretty much almost as almost good as Duffy so I know what I'm talking about here.

And what I'm talking about here is da bomb. A voice full of more potential than Dusty and some very clever and knowing composers and arrangers lurking just off mike.

I shall follow her career with great interest. Until I don't

Ann O'Dyne said...

also OT, parts 1 and 2:

Just what the world needs - another 'female vocalist' - why do they bother?
bumping and grinding away and stealing husbands and battling cancer. don't encourage them.

Last time I co-wrote a song, it entered the Billboard charts with a bullet.
Unfortunately the bullet put it out of it's misery.

boynton said...

Duffy has more potential than Dusty?
(btw Did you see Foux De Fa fa at World of K? formidable...)

A O'D - I reckon you should set that sentiment to music.
In fact, What The World Needs Now is a postscript.
Just what the world needs now could be a hit.