Monday, September 17, 2007

birthday plains

Tour of Birthday Plains

On the slippery slope

Over the hill



Tony.T said...

Happy Plains Day.

Even more so now you've got a new "RECENT COMMENTS".

Juke said...

Happy bamboo!

Gummo Trotsky said...

Hippo birdies.

boynton said...

Thanks all.

Here come the plains...

re. Recent Comments -
Even though Stora**'s been misbehaving lately, I prefer their look on the page, so have switched it round again. For now.

genevieve said...

Where IS that place? says the pix are from the Mallee. But look at all that water...
I hope your bamboo was very hippy indeedy.

boynton said...

Beats me, Genevieve.
Some pics look kinda Mallee, but the last doesn't even look particularly oz?
Maybe a fabulous place like the Faraway's Land of Birthdays.

A hippy birthday would be kewl.

genevieve said...

You're right, the last one looks a bit Brit.
The Magic Faraway Birthday...that never comes. 46 forever, I'd be. Maybe I should have stopped earlier.

boynton said...

This one displays The Age

(now there was a pun going begging)

Full set here