Friday, September 21, 2007


You wrote a play about Lalor - my cousin informs me.
No I didn't
Yes you did. Lalor. I read about it in the paper.
Good idea for a play, but I didn't write it.

(I think of the suburb rather than the historical figure during this exchange. A play about the suburb is more appealing to me as a play I didn't write)


genevieve said...

B, have you seen that fab painting of Lalor in the gallery at the SLV? he has the beady eye of the rebel, but is all dressed up in legal gear in his later incarnation as a judge. Very arresting.

ThirdCat said...

Yes, you did. Lalor by boynton. I was at opening night. In fact, I think I played the lead role. I was Lalor.

Tony.T said...

I was in Lalor, too. You might remember my cameo as the thrice bankrupted textile speculator, Thomas Town.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

aah Didn't Eric Clapton do his most famous song about the suburb, Lalor, with an Allman Brother?

got me on my knees

boynton said...

This one? Genevieve? - or this?

Ahe yes - now I remember 3c? Or was that Summer of the 17th Lalor?

Or Reservoir Rags,TT?

Would you know my name, FX, if I saw you in Lalor?

ThirdCat said...

No, TonyT - and obviously, I hate to correct a memory such as yours - but that was Tailor when you played the thrice bankrupted textile speculator. I'm pretty sure boynton wrote that too, but I wouldn't bet my life on it.

genevieve said...

And Epping, naturally, was schlepping. (Sorry, that was terrible I know.)
B, they are not quite the pic, but I think we have the general idea. Go check it out sometime in the Cowan gallery.
In a white hat with black curtains is the station...

boynton said...

There was an old Tailor from Lalor...

(...Who was not in a play by Ray Lawler)

(Or by boynton for that matter. Just covering my tracks on the dual pronunciation here.)

I think I may have glimpsed the pic on Google Images, but will check out the potrait in the flesh, Genevieve.

genevieve said...

I was there last night, and the portrait is very similar - just that it is also full length, so quite imposing. Not nearly so much when cropped by Google.