Tuesday, November 21, 2006

streeton art

Actually, speaking of blank canvasses and streams:

Last week I was cycling along the Artist's Footsteps trail, past the spot where Still Glides... was painted, according to the sign. But a little further upstream

Near Heidelberg* is nearly Blank.

I didn't think Streeton was so white on white, or Eaglemont so existential.

for more Streeton signage see


Brownie said...

... maybe an art-lover 'rescued' the illustration from the fire (she/he) started at the base of the signboard?

boynton said...

arsonist's footsteps?

Genevieve said...

We have some of these at Warrandyte of a similar vintage which seem to be doing okay. Let the good councillors know, I'm sure they'll find some dollars to fix it up. Or just graffiti something toute moderne on the white 'canvas' nature has provided you.

boynton said...

Maybe like My Penguin it's sorta My Streeton or My