Thursday, November 23, 2006

perfect pop

(Inspired by a comment by Disgusted and Drunk of StK*:)

The Perfect Pop

Something clicks, and somehow all the emotions swirling in your head are summed up in three quick minutes
NPR: Perfect Songs


marty finestone said...

Why do people attempt to slap labels such as "perfect" on things. Marketing I guess. Glad to see No Surprises on the list though.

Marty (

boynton said...

Whereas usuallly there are no surprises on the list ;)
Which is why I liked NPR beacuse it nominated Bach alongside Beach Boys.

There was a perefct pop (psych) formula too:
P + Pos + T + BPM + I S (where P Pitch, Pos the % of positive lyrics, T Tonality, BPM Beats per Minute, I Images/Memories associated with the music, S Serotonin level

I think it's the I in that formula that critical.