Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I could

I like the sound of a pink champagne diet...

among the scans from Women's Household
at A Hole in The Head via Things


Nabakov said...

Oh yeah sure a pink champagne diet sounds really glamorous on the surface.

But you never hear about the hidden costs. Elderly pets freaked into heart attacks by the sudden POP!, corks knocking off toupees, foil cuts and all those thumb calluses from twisting open the fuckers.

You kids. It's all instant gratification these days. Back in my time, when we knocked the top off a bottle of shampoo with a cavalry sabre, we used a real sik stocking to filter out the glass fragments, not one of your newfangled fishnet thongs.

Disgusted and drunk of St Kilda.

Nabakov said...

Now this a perfect example of what I'm talking about.
Wouldn't have happened if the little bugger hadn't been soused on pink Trilogy.

boynton said...

I see
and See next post for more...

The mother looks as if she is sporting an ocular injury herself.

(And I think I owe you a coupla trilogies myself, D&D of StK.)