Thursday, November 02, 2006


Wiki: Songs erroneously thought to be about Melbourne
"Morningtown Ride" by The Seekers. The song was originally a lullaby written by Californian folk singer Malvina Reynolds in 1957. It is often attributed to Melbourne for depicting an old-fashioned train trip to the similarly-named beach-side town of Mornington (as The Seekers largely hailed from Melbourne).


source:world of the seekers


pk said...

His 6 word novel entry coming?

The Seeker slept happily ever after.

The Seekers slept heroin comatosed again.
I would never had made the Mornington connection. Yer all a different country. Unlike previously.

boynton said...

Ha. We got out of New South just in time.(GOLD)

I don't know if I ever mistook my Morningtowns either, but it's probably the line Out along the Bay that adds to the confusion methinks.


I love your six word SEEKERS...addictive, but don't think I can better your ... Happily ever after...

The Seekers slept here before records
The Seekers slept hearing every scratch
The Seekers slept holding four tracks
The Seekers slept hurtling towards Chelsea
The Seekers Slept. Hector Kept conducting
The Seekers Slept holding Another You

Brownie said...

Ah Liberal Member of Parliament Athol Guy who retired with full pen$ion due to ill health ... and then ... went on a Seekers Reunion Tour. WTF?
I notice he popped up with E.Baillieu on the stump last weekend.

boynton said...

with his Bass?

The Carnival isn't Over.

Genevieve said...

Malvina Reynolds also wrote such gems as "God Bless The Grass (That Grows Through The Crack", and "Say Something Nice", along with her all time hit, "Little Boxes (on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky). Just sharing. I've been right down the page now, and I'm going to wash the dishes. Thanks for the Safeway, it's a ripper.

boynton said...

Thanks...You got me googlin':

“Once in a while I have something in particular to say [to children]--well, let’s take a song like 'Morningtown Ride.' I remember how it was when I was little. I know youngsters hate to go to bed at night because it seems like, as far as they’re concerned, it is the end of the world. Going to sleep means you are going to be cut off from everything, and I wanted to help them understand that they were heading somewhere, when they got into bed, that they were heading for morning. And strangely enough, this song became a grown-up hit all over the world. It really amazed me...” (A quote from Malvina taken from a radio interview given at the 1977 Pied Piper Music Festival.