Thursday, April 27, 2006

a peek

A recent searcher arrived here with the question who is peacay . I don't know, but I did get to meet the RL pk recently to talk tags over a quiet glass of white (of a quality that caused the barman to apologise). After a third glass maybe I could have been as lyrical about blogging as this recent rave about BibliOdyssey - translated from the Korean:

Oh. Oh. Oh. Once see certainly. Image one or two thing to scratch and with pwass there will not be also anyone use sleep and well! it is same. I so the eye disease shoes like this one especially the place where it is not, the electricity ccwak flowed in the body ... Oh my the absurd waste, picks to the world and the up luxury transfers to the world... But that with the sheep of absurd work, it lives and it dies ... Possibly magnificently tragedy it is same the weight quality where the outdoors and laugh are distant it is not... That way the picture the example bedspread. That way the pictures. That way highly many pictures. It loads patterns. Long the images which forget an end before... Neither the what kind of matter that sees is same a stronger thing. It is reduced with the system end and it does not do to sleep, Oh chi pu it is to, that Oh chi pu it is a ramyon end, but truth the good bedspread. we Right we right we.


pk said...

-two thing to scratch
-eye disease shoe
-the absurd waste
-sheep of absurd work
-tradgedy it is
-picture the example bedspread
-the images which forget

That wasn't a 'rave'. That was a pasting!

boynton said...

Oh chi pu it is to/o. A rave.
Oh chi pu it is.