Wednesday, April 12, 2006


after some talk on the merits of goats versus llamas as pack animals in the context of the T being skeptical about the value of goats on a trek
Sound component: breathy voice

Sound Component: creaky voice
discussing who is likely to be at the party

Conversational grunts in English


Nabakov said...

Oh, yeah?

And I reckon this worth is a post in its own right:

MG said...

Thanks for the link to the, uh, non-lexical utterances. Umm, yeah, very amusing. Hmm.

boynton said...

N: Yes the Laughing crying records are postworthy indeed,

but I simply lerv that Camel version 5...

And that site is a find...will have to investigate...but in the meantime another breathy voice (involving a party)

Ummm, like the pics are...kinda..ummm neat too, MG.