Friday, April 28, 2006

e ship

...where the absence of the sharing of a physical dimension for the friendship may be seen as invalidating its essential currency, rendering it somehow artificial, it can also be seen as providing the conditions for a peculiar purity & intensity of communication

Dick Jones: Hello Goodbye - on the nature of ‘e-friendship’ between bloggers.


Brownie said...

I thought that para was going to be about nuns and their 'marriage to god'.

Many bloggers are intensely revealing of their feelings and experiences.
Bourbon Bird is a prime example.

I often think that blogging is widespread and enjoyable simply because, unlike Polite Dinner Party Talk, we may safely and frankly, all discuss sex, money, politics, health and/or religion or just discuss Tony Abbott and cover the lot in one.

boynton said...

Yes - but even those of the non-confessional ilk transmit elements of personality that assume a familiarity (if nothing else) and sometimes a strong sense of connection.

And I wonder if blog-meet talk is ever as impolite as blog-speak, or if the conventions of social gathering stymie the web vernacular?