Wednesday, April 05, 2006


As longtime readers might know
walking with Flo regularly involves indignity
I haven't dog-whispered sufficiently to subdue her herder madness
of e.g. suddenly lurching onto a ricketty fence where a cat sits
witnessed by its family who until this moment could have been an ad for Insurance or Ford such was the sedate suburban tableau where blue uniforms exclude the feral,
or a madness that makes strapping young concreters cower as we pass
all down to the the power of a bark

but I was quite taken aback yesterday walking home from the park
when a couple of strangers go:
- Your Dog is SO FAT!!! He's SO FAT!!! poor thing hahaha So FAT!!!
He's a beautiful dog though
- Yes-thank-you, I snarl.

So now I'm looking at her trying to see if she is as fat as they say...
I don't know.
Relative to a labrador, which is the old diehard standard, she is svelte.

(of course some readers might not agree)


Anonymous said...
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Lucy Tartan said...

How rude!

boynton said...

Yes I was thinkin' of just posting thowe two words instead ;)

It's odd that people are often quite rude or blunt about your pet.
Over the years I've had to walk a few dogs that weren't mine. Some were quite fat. Apparently nice people say the sharpest things - often in a ha ha ha way. Perhaps it's a walkman/headset mindset - and they're casually verbalising a stray bit of internal monologue. Though some people inform you of the dog's weight as if it is a grave infringement of some Bylaw.
But Flo - I just can't see that she is an insult to anyone's idea of canine BMI.

Brownie said...

Possible response 1. 'Yes, we worked hard to keep her from ever being hungry'.
2. Best response to uninvited negative comment is:

"and now can I pass judgement on YOU?"
... crappy hair, clothes, shoes, or "oh you are carrying home a slab of VB - you'll be fat soon too'.

Tony.T said...

Better fat than fathead.

Nabakov said...

Well I've met Flo and I don't think she's flat.

Nabakov said...

..oh right, you meant fat.

I suppose to a supercritical eye more used to gazing on supermodel whippets, it would appear that perhaps she's got a little junk in trunk, but that just means there's more of her to love, right?

Julie said...

I was wondering if they had children with them?
Would they like the same response?

On a postive note, you are lucky they were just talking about your dog.

boynton said...

Brownie, I like response 1)
Or TT's if I had the nerve - which I don't. Flo does - shame she can't talk.
(Though your earlier she's stocky because she's a stock dog might be a good stock reply.)

Nabokov- loose talk of whippets might make her anxious. (Not body-image anxieties but herding fantasies.)

now there's a thought Julie.
Though in my case I think I'd care less about the f word than them getting the gender wrong.

It may not be reflected in the post, but I found the whole thing rather funny.
And then for some related reason I put a picture of (the late) Doug into the face recognition thing hoping he would be 77% Gary Cooper or something - but alas there was no such matching face in the celebrity database.

boynton said...


is Nabakov 77% Nabokov or vice versa?
Sorry about the typO there Nabs...

(It's hard to get use to this non-editing of Blogger comments.
Well it is possible I believe but I'm taking the typo-ridden easy path for now)

michelle said...

Flo is curvacious!

boynton said...

Yes indeed - I'd say she's 33% curvacious.
Rubenesque around the rump.

boynton said...

-used to, too...

I might pinch this as an icon meaning TYPOCRINGE!

nabakov said...

Let's face it, Flo's one shaking 'n' baking bundle of everlovin' haul wheeler - sorry blue heeler.

boynton said...

ACD see