Tuesday, March 14, 2006

empire games

Opening Empire Games, Sydney 1938

32 hours out from the opening of the Commonwealth Games.
One night last week I strolled along the Yarra and viewed the fish from Princes Bridge to Swan Street as Swan Lake played over the PA and the river and Melbourne looked beautiful. A group of casual strollers out walking their dog stopped and applauded - I'm not sure if it was for the fish or Tchaikovsky, but the vista was certainly festive.

Perth 1962 from a State Library of WA exhibition How We're portayed
host city
meet us in Perth

At the Games' official site, the logos from the past flash by, but it was Auckland 1950 that caught my eye.

Empire Games Representatives 1938
the lion


Tony.T said...


boynton said...

what's the bill?

The man attending the cages in 1938 for some avian flew display is the genuine article. Alas, in 2006 he would have been seen as some sort of historical icon and depicted by aerial schoolkids.

(Not that I'm bagging the event - I enjoyed it - more the strange opening-ceremony genre which tries to weave an original narrative around stadia and statehood in sixty minutes)

Anonymous said...

There have not been any goos stories about this in the USA...

Brownie said...

32 hours out ? Of course!

boynton said...

I heard Jon Faine say that just as I was typing the post, Brownie.