Friday, March 17, 2006

boot cup

Lord Byron, with his love of the bizarre, was also the possessor of a black leather boot which he used as a drinking vessel.

One among the caudle, fastening and fuddling cups at
Drinking Vessels of Bygone Days
Some time ago, while rummaging through my usual group of second hand bookshops I stumbled across a book on the history of drinking vessels, titled "Drinking Vessels of Bygone Days"... The book is long out of print, and presents a great insight into the cups and glasses that we all drink out of, but never think of how they originated. After considerable effort we have re-assembled this distinguished work for your education and enjoyment.


Jeff Ward said...

Byron also had a cup made from a human skull-- not a legend, but a historical fact. I'm not sure if the cup has survived, but the bill for it (which he never paid) does.

Gummo Trotsky said...

The Scrope Mazer was a bit of a disappointment. So was the Anathema Cup. Neither is a patch on the Fuddling Cup.

But where are the port pipes?

michelle said...

great link..... I may have to borrow it. :)

Anonymous said...

We're about to travel 'home' to Wellington (NSW) for the picnic race meeting - The Wellington Boot. Which is, I guess, another boot used as a cup!


boynton said...

Fill up - thou canst not injure me ;
The worm has fouler lips than thine.

I hadn't clicked on the link until now, Jeff, but it's interesting and sure beats the boot, although perhaps I had thought the latter Bygone easier to reproduce here at home ;)

Fuddling was my fave, too, Gummo and it's a great word. Might work well with rantwittering?
I was also intrigued by the Pot Crown, thinking it might be a strange sort of order for Beer in Victoria, but is actually of the fuddling ilk.

Cheers, michelle.

Wellington Boot! That's class, Wen.