Sunday, July 17, 2005


Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men via panopticist

"Like Joe V. Reed, Francis LeB. is another guy whose wife does needlepoint too. They come home at the end of the day and relax with a cocktail and a little stitching. Maybe there's something to this--a marriage where the partners who needlepoint together will stay together?"

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Comments: needlepoint

This one reminds me of something I was trying to explain to a completely uncomprehending Parish the other night; which was, as His Bobness writes in his stunning recent book:

"Sometimes you say things in blogs* even if there's a small chance of them being true."

(*Actually, the Bobstar says "songs", but same diff.)
Posted by cs at July 17, 2005 04:03 PM

Ken must have been tangled up in blue.
Posted by Tony.T at July 17, 2005 05:01 PM

His Bobbin-ess.

"A hunter might really like to hang a picture of his favorite dog in his den or office. It could even be mounted as a pillow if you wish"

Posted by boynton at July 17, 2005 09:02 PM

I have a picture of my dog in my den Miss, but pillows?
Posted by cs at July 18, 2005 07:38 AM

I have a picture (or three), but no. No pillows.
(No Den either)

Anyway my needlepointing would probably be naif at best, and possibly very Abstract.
Such a pillow would be destined to be found in an Op shop many years later and posted on a Blog.
Posted by boynton at July 18, 2005 01:38 PM

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