Saturday, July 09, 2005

lab qotd

Twenty years hence, the Yorkshire terrier could be the most popular breed. And people will think Yorkies are tough as nails, while Labs will be dismissed as chew-happy slobs.

Top Dog: Why Americans love Labrador retrievers.

Comments: lab qotd

Oho! So yer not actually giving up blogging just yet? You were just doing that woman thing of fishing for complements while pretending to be all helpless and adrift. But I'm wise to yer feminine wiles, they won't fool me...oh look, you got yer fishing lure all tangled up, let me help you.

Yeah labs, the Don Candy of dogs. I've seen one of 'em walk straight through a flyscreen door without apparently noticing. Whereas a Yorkie or Jack Russell would somehow talk you into opening the flyscreen and bringing the food out to them.

While a blue heeler would offer to share the food he'd found.
"I thought you locked the car?"
"I did, but it seems I left the eskie out...and I thought clipped shut?"
"Hi guys! Haven't seen you for 14 minutes! Great! You're back! Fantastic! Wanna go for a run? I left you the quiche crust!"
Posted by Nabakov at July 10, 2005 09:57 PM

no no no - just musing out loud...
(a spot of fishing does wonders for the blogging nerves though.I expect)

I'm disappointed to see Labs are the current Everydog - (jumbo dog for McMansions, apparently.)
Can believe the Flywire screen test - my dog nonchalantly put his paws through a window when he was shut out for a minute.
Bluey profile is right too - although this one holds back on the boisterous greeting. She has some cat-like characteristics I sense.

I enjoyed another stretch of borrowed labrador company recently which has convinced me of their essential lopey,dopey,happy compatability. Despite their current 'levis' status.
Posted by boynton at July 10, 2005 11:53 PM


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