Friday, July 01, 2005

black lab sleep

People I sleep with - Black Lab Rescue

(via Plep and em)

Comments: black lab sleep

That is pretty sweet. I noticed a search dog on the teev yesterday was just alive with excitement. Wahoo... off with da boss for some fun.
Posted by David Tiley at July 9, 2005 02:25 AM

I thought I saw a spaniel? As a sniffer dog.

btw: That page doesn't seem to lead back to the index:

I chose the black lab - for obvious reasons - but this photo is wonderful:

“When we go to bed at night,” said Dawn, “they all hop up and get their spots. If I get up for any reason in the middle of the night, I lose my spot. It’s that simple. The second I’m out of the bed, Cocoa, a chocolate lab, will put her head on my pillow and that’s it. I have no other space. Then, to make matters more complex, Pookie, and sometimes Leroy, the black cat, will awaken me with unbelievably loud purring as they sleep right near my head.” I asked if they had planned on having eight animals sleeping with them. “No, we never intended that. They’re all foundlings. We’ve never purchased an animal.”
Posted by boynton at July 9, 2005 12:31 PM

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