Monday, September 05, 2011


From the archives:
Flo received her first ever unsolicited compliment the other day as we walked down the street. What a lovely dog, said a passing woman.(I think the first inklings of spring had clouded her judgement)

Flo received her second ever unsolicited compliment today as we walked along the street. Again - with the spring...This time a man pulled up, and wound down his window, I thought to ask directions.

I just wanted to say, that is a lovely looking bluey! He's beautiful!

Thank you. Yes she's great. (well, I'm thinking, it's true; she's mellowed)

I just wanted to know where she came from?

(Mars) Well, she's about 12, and all I know is she came from the Ballarat region...

Great looking bluey

Yes. She is... (But see my blog 2003-11 for the journey from nutcase to mellow senior)


Melbourne MOD said...

Bless dear Flo, may she live long, and you prosper.
Think about the charms of The Elizabethan Era when people had fleas. Did gwynnie scratch in that film she got an oscar for?

Dick said...

I've been witness to that journey, sometimes silent, sometimes vocal, for pretty much all of that time.

And may the distinguished bluey continue to flourish, yea, unto the next unsolicited compliment.

Anonymous said...

19th Sept Sophies cat has been chased away by Fitzroy neighbours dog. any local readers pls help -

Our cat Wilson has gone missing,last seen in John St, Fitzroy a/b 1 pm yesterday.May be injured.

Please RT.
51 minutes ago

x x annie o'd

boynton said...

Thanks Melbourne Mod. I wonder if the Apple Cider Vinegar flowed in Elizabethan times? Have discovered it's quite good for canine 'summer' itch, and it's meant to be good for fleas.

Many thanks, Dick.
(Alas, I am still silent over at your place due to this ongoing computer glitch with comments there) Thank you for your blogging company over the years.
I'm still pretty much nutcase myself, having only mellowed slightly as I head into seniority.

Helen said...

Lovely Flo! There's nothing better than dogs is there?

boynton said...

WV: ploquat

Ploquats might be, although there are very few things better on these Spring days than to walk dogs through green parklands.