Friday, October 14, 2011



Tony said...


boynton said...

It would be a bleak summer indeed with No Dogs.
It would be a pleasant summer with No Cricket®

wv = forboa
which sounds like a small foreboding -or many ;)

Ann O'Dyne said...

it looks like a 5-ring flag for the non-olympics.
"Signs, signs,
do this, don't do that,
every wheres a sign"

actually, isn't our govt trying to get kids to bike and game and dogwalk to combat obesity? la la land.

greetings from Mount Helen.

genevieve said...

Forboa, HEH.
I incline to the plural myself. It's rather neat.
*unhous* truncated homelessness?

TimT said...

A sign of the times: I thought it was a needle at first.

Elisabeth said...

Sophie Cunningham sent me here, from her newspaper article in the Age in 2007. I'm trying to write a paper on blogging for a conference and Sophie published a few thoughts on blogging inc;udong your idea that bloggers can teach writers a thing or two.

To my mind many bloggers are already writers but there are differences to writing in this genre.

Anyhow I'm very pleased to meet you, Missboynton. Greetings then from one blogger to another.

A great image by the way, and an anachronism, if ever here was one in Melbourne at least. Even in spring here I can hear the thud of cricket balls against bats every Saturday.

fxh said...

aah blogs - I remember them well

Lunar Brogue said...

Looks like an election campaign.

Cricket is a (mostly white) scourge, but drawing a flower nearer to your nose, without detachment*, for a dreamy sniff ... that is forbidden?!

By the way, Barbecue Talk should be banned.

* The flower.

boynton said...

'Unhous' is both truncated and unconnected. Perhaps the e has been sequestered for electronic prefix duty elsewhere.

Tim: No Hit and Giggle?

Greetings Elizabeth. Twitter has shaken it all up I think, in terms of speed of transmission (which I think I was meaning, if I can recall that old train of thought.)
There was a lot of good meta stuff on blogging that I noticed as a 'newbie', now itself an old word, c 2002. I wonder how the claims for blogging have weathered.

fxh - I must get out my uniform again for the next reunion. Remember those?

LB: The flower was the most striking image for me too. But the bat jumped out at me too of course.
This is one of my favourites (and one I admit to endorsing as I dodge missiles from lone golfing figures on deserted ovals while walking dogs)

Juke said...

of course it is not really spring
because it has now got cold some
and rainish
headed toward shortest day
here in the real hemisphere

boynton said...

it is warmish
here tonight
but will be rainish
again in a few days
I hear
it really is spring

Marshall Stacks said...

IF every day could be just like the
magical weather today - we would not need a police force or medications.

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