Wednesday, March 03, 2010

canine news

Flo wearing a found fascinator.
The detail is not great but there was a delicate arrangement of cobweb, foliage and sticks that held together nicely for about 20 minutes.

And in the latest canine news, there is another hound around.
Curbee (not his real spelling) is a very small JRT mix, about 8 months old. Upon his arrival he flipped about the house with such alacrity, we thought he was a strain of mad acrobat terrier that might take 3 years to settle.
But he has since wound down somewhat and is currently sleeping soundly.


Helen said...

Glad you have got a new dog.

BwcaBrownie said...

named I hope, for Marvel Comics creator Jack Kirby?

and dear Flo - where did she stick her face? spider and snake-free thank God.

boynton said...

Cheers, Helen. We're both circling each other before full affection sets in.

Pre-named - and pre-loved - so who knows where the K comes from. But we liked it. Goes with Enthusiasm.

Snake-free at least. That certainly would be a factor with a JRT who would chase them down.

Helen said...

Oh hahahahah you must read this-

Scroll down slowly as you read it for the reveal.

boynton said...



(ps. I can never read words like that without this voice in my head..)

Nabakov said...

For some irresistible yet inexplicable reason, the look on Flo's face underneath the remains of the fascinator reminds me of an old country matriarch with a few stiff G&Ts in her after a long and tiring day at the Show.

"We're both circling each other before full affection sets in."

If he's a Jack Russell, then in his mind's eye he probably sees the process like this:
No other dog has such a Napoleonic ego.

Whereas I'd imagine in your case, it'd feel more like a "probe in force" from a very small and hairy commando on speed.

Nabakov said...

And wildly OT but I just to had to share.

Close your eyes to the clunky clip and just listen to great hi-style smooooth eurotechno. With brilliant Ballardian lyrics.

"Remove two screws.", "Install intake duct.", "Tighten two screws."

Why can't Mick Jagger's lyrics get to the point like that any more?

boynton said...

...after a long and tiring day at the show
I know I've seen a photo that fits that description in my travels, but could not find it.
Sorta this... sans G&Ts

(Napoleonic check
hairy commando on speed

And yep, that is a Super clip.
As well as the lyrics I love the aphoristic: Instructions can always be called up in the data goggles