Tuesday, March 16, 2010

toy sized

K is a smaller version of terrier than we had imagined, almost smaller by half than Bronte.
Truth is, he is ... TOY sized.
This takes an adjustment of the sense of scale acquired when growing up surrounded by labradors, and of one's prejudices re Toys.
Of course his nature is winning me over.
And perhaps in the future I may even become ... one of those people who carry their small dogs around in handbags.
Well, I wouldn't ever be chic (or even particularly urban), but I can sort of see the practical aspects of such accessories.

Update: Apparently I exaggerated somewhat. He is more like 75% the size that B was.
At any rate, I'd say he is roughly somewhere between these two:

(Of course, this scale kinda depends on knowing the height of the man in the suit)


genevieve said...

You can call him Tiny Shiny.

boynton said...

Not Tiny Whiny, at least.