Thursday, February 18, 2010


(upgraded from comments box and suitably screen captured)

A splendid pair of orchardists, or a very cool mini coolstore...



genevieve said...

HEHEH, I hear a cataloguer's head rolling away somewhere...That's priceless.

boynton said...

Primary Subject: HORTICULTURE

Secondary Subject: ORCHARDS

Tertiary subject: PARTY SHUFFLE

Ann ODyne said...

'dance' is 'culture' innit?
and they've been led to it,
and it looks very fruity.
no mislabel

Think about an 8-hour day of labelling images for a websearch.
yawn. poor thing must have lost the plot.

3. well spotted though.

boynton said...

lost the (garden) plot?

or embedded a bit of mystery? Who knows.

BwcaBrownie said...

Title : African states - Kenya -
follow your Source link, then from there to their source the National Archive and choose "More in A6180 series" to get -

Kenyan graduates from Officer Cadet School, Portsea
Date : 1979
Primary subject : Not Assigned
Secondary subject : Not Assigned
Image no. : A6180, 20/12/79/14
... and the photo is certainly not a Portsea OCS Graduate as he is wearing a singlet and a bashed bush hat.

Maybe it was all cacked by a Work Experience logger.

Totally great post dear Boynton