Monday, September 07, 2009

match review

It was rather strange on Saturday night as Tony flicked between Foxtel and Football, just as Sherman featured on both fronts, at Georgia -

and at the Gabba.

And the strangeness continued on Sunday with Collingwood and Collingwood

while the cricket was also being played at Midsomer

where Dr. Who was batting badly: goes right against the grain for me to have to play cricket badly. As actors, we like the idea of being quite sporty. I am actually quite good at cricket so having to play a miserable cricketer was quite frustrating. I keep getting bowled out and it takes some skill to keep missing the ball like I did!

(And of course, one wasn't expecting Malcolm Fraser to get a guernsey for Midsomer.)


Bwca Brownie said...

I guessed immediately that the ludicrous characters in that Causton Cockup must have been created by Michael Aitken.
He wrote that old series Waiting For God(ot)set in a retirement home and the new series FEAR STRESS AN ANGER starting Tuesday night on ABCTV.
It has Dangerous Davies in it too, and Mrs.Brittass, and Daisy Aitken the writer's daughter. Her mother is an Australian actress. Her father played Piggy Muldoon in Power Without Glory decades ago.
He is a funny guy and used to be my neighbour in Paddington (NSW not LON)

boynton said...

Yes, the writing had a definite stamp, ludicrous+jokes. But a madness that is Midsomer afterall.

I remember Piggy Muldoon, and PWG.

Tony said...

Jumping from station to station takes real talent. I feel sorry for those people who can't follow two shows at once. Flipping is easy.

By the way, it's Foxball and Footel.

boynton said...


You've been watching too much frickin' foxtel.

Lord Sedgwick said...

... but did Sherman 'tank'.

boynton said...

He wasn't playing for the (Fiddle-dee) Dees