Monday, September 07, 2009

jet storm

- whereas the previous week's viewing highlight had been another Sat. night ABC2 gem Jet Storm from 1959, an Airport/Twilight Zone mix with a dash of British-kitchen-sinker and class-angst, where air hostesses were ordered to dispense champagne under great pressure, and even though everyone was about to crack up, an air hostess dispensed her duty admirably and steadily, as all champagne-coupes stayed stable on the tray, earning her the esteem of eligible Captain.
We did slightly wonder whether a broken window (that had already taken one passenger into oblivion) could really be plugged effectively by a pillow - but who knows the technicalities of these things?


Bwca Brownie said...

yes window could be effectively plugged with a pillow .. for a nano-second.
Stuff like that is why we love old movies.
1959 was the beginning of commercial jet travel between LON and SYD so the target audience for the film would not yet be a savvy well-travelled lot.
Air Hostesses. oh the nostalgia of it.

boynton said...

Wish I had taped it, for future home movie nights. Will have to keep an eye out for ABC1 4:30 am sessions.

It was a trans-atlantic crossing, and alongside the quaffing and the profiling, there is some 21 century angst associated with modern jet travel.

(Also, Marty Wilde plays a pop-star.)

Bwca Brownie said...

Now that's the kind of information I want from a decent TV Guide.

ABCTV always has brilliant movies at 1AM - one had Charlie Mingus playing in a beats club scene and I thought that if this was heralded in Le Guide, their viewing audience would have at least doubled.

Kym Wilde (daughter, Kids In America) seems to have become a GARDENER I see in glossy magazines.

ThirdCat said...

"We did slightly wonder..."

youse are such cynics.

boynton said...

She also held an entry in the book of Guinness World Records for successfully moving and replanting the world's largest tree with fellow horticulturist Dave Fountain. [23] Unfortunately the tree was blown away by a storm in January 2007. [24]

I didn't know that Marty wrote Jessamine until I surfed around IMDB/wiki...

3C - yairs, I tried to keep the cynicism suspended... but it was a long flight.

boynton said...

- erm, I mean Jesamine of course...

Tony said...

Poor Kym. Imagine the guilt.

If she had not moved the tree, it would still be alive today.

Something needs to be done about the problem of moved trees. It's becoming an issue. There needs to be an awareness campaign.

boynton said...

I just liked the typically-wiki couplet, complete with footnote.

BwcaBrownie said...
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BwcaBrownie said...

Take 2: and then of course there is
Air hostessing above and beyond the call of duty.

boynton said...

A colourful past...
a security guard for the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix.

meanwhile Expo 67

BwcaBrownie said...

oh! oh!

"hostess and gent"
snork! snerk!
oh I'm gasping.

How strange that the image has been captioned since say, 1990, but in the language of the absolute past ... and the Body Language of the models is absolutely solicitous.
67 was a hell of a year.
media screeching about 'long' hair and 'short' skirts.
Is it the year we lost Harold?
Thanks for the shreik.

Francis Xavier Holden said...

"Wish I had taped it"

Before or after stuffing it with a pillow?

boynton said...


Absolutely Solicitous
(sounds like a prequel sitcom)

and I like the National Archives:
Primary subject : Not Assigned
Secondary subject : Not Assigned

FXH - heh. Yeahno, I failed to notice if tape was involved. Would that make more sense?