Thursday, September 10, 2009

B lated



Tony said...

It IS one after 909. It un B lated.

boynton said...

yeah but it IS the day after B day

BwcaBrownie said...

I did it yesterday.
Move over once,
Move over twice.
You are welcome to visit at the Bwca Cave.

boynton said...

I saw yours after I'd drafted this one, I swear ;)
Ever since I heard about the great B Day I bin thinking of this song.

(And I really like this cover.)

Ann oDyne said...

that Bwca is away with the damn faeries and hasn't seen it herself cos it's at my place.
We forgive her since she hasn't got over JWL's murder yet.

My fave NZ blogger Onomastritrix reports on a child being named Lennon this week. A better name than Nicole Ritchie's poor new baby Sparrow Midnight.
When you hand in a form and the recipient asks "Is it a boy or a girl, then you haz named it wrong.

Where were we? oh yeah 9-9-09 ... well we know what that is when it's upside down don't we.

Dick said...

Slipping in here after the enigmata above with anal information: I believe that Lennon - who write it when he was 17 - used to play the song with The Quarrymen.

boynton said...

A O'D - well there are a lot of Harrisons around.

Dick - "Around 1994, McCartney said, "It's not a great song but it's a great favorite of mine because it has great memories for me of John and I trying to write a bluesy freight-train song. There were alot of those songs at the time, like 'Midnight Special,' 'Freight Train,' 'Rock Island Line,' so this was the 'One After 909.' She didn't get the 909, she got the one after it!" W