Monday, December 03, 2007

stormy day

Did we just have the worst storm in a hundred years, or in four years, to the day?

(this latter fact was pointed out by a 774 listener, to whom I was listening via battery-powered radio)

It was certainly raining cats and dogs and cattle dogs were whining.


lucy tartan said...

It was a nice storm out here in the NE. I did get soaked to the skin, though.

boynton said...

The bluey got soaked as she bolted into rain after VERY LOUD thunderclap.

Just checking through The Age's gallery re OuterEast...
I love this sentence:
Bayswater bore the brunt of the storm

Ann O'Dyne said...

Let's give some thought to the SES guys.
I have received their saviour in a storm (30mms of rain on 27/6/07 at Mt.Dandenong) and was impressed and grateful that they bothered to clear me an escape road only seconds before trees flattened the 2-storey house next door.

boynton said...

SES. Yes. Guess they'll be needed more and more in the future with the future's weather events.

genevieve said...

God, Anne, that sounds like a lucky escape.
About seventeen years ago there was an absolute shocker storm in April - I remember driving down the street trying to get to my daughter's school with baby and toddler in the back seat. And having to turn around, go home, and wait till the waters subsided.
I was scared of storms for about fifteen years after that.