Thursday, December 06, 2007


I nominated myself for this award. (From here via the presurfer)

But I am honoured to receive it on behalf of my readership,

this informal collection

of like minded soles.


Lord Sedgwick said...

Presumably you, along with the Martinis (both it's all Navratilova baby blue and Hingis) are suitably shirred but not staken.

Apologies to both the sewing and vampire set ... and anyone who reveres the finer linguistical gymnastics moments of Fwank Muir and Dennis Norden. (I blame the barely audible DIY crystal set ... and as always, the teechirs.)

Ann O'Dyne said...

A teeny martini.

have two!

boynton said...

I blame the teachers


(Wasn't a great deal of choice in the awards, beverage speaking. I would have preferred to nominate and receive A Nice Cup of Tea)

Juke said...

At your service, ma'am.
Or would you care to join us at the bar?
There are those who would disapprove, of course. When it comes to ardent spirits, some more than others.
It can show a baffling aspect.
Given the shifting vagaries of social approval and condemnation, some are wont to make do on their own.

peacay said...

Get that bloody toothpick out of my back!