Thursday, December 13, 2007


My band is Un Sospiro and our new album is Gladys the Swiss Dairy Cow.

  1. Music of Uruguay
  2. Constabulary
  3. David Messas
  4. Russell Blackford
  5. Abu al-Walid
  6. Llandyfaelog
  7. Milan Decree
  8. Kitty Winn
  9. Camp Century
  10. Harold Volkmer
  11. Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006
  12. Louisiana Purchase
  13. Salt Lake City Angels
  14. Pre-caudal gland
  15. Mark Roosevelt

This was autogenerated from random Wikipedia article names. Get your own Wikipedia Album.

Track 11 is sure to get the feet tapping.

by Kevan, via As Above


lucy tartan said...


Lunar Brogue said...

Track 11's chorus:

And she said it's mine, I thought of it first,
Holding back her tears;
And she drew a picture from her purse
Of a thousand strange ideas.

boynton said...

"Carrots," she said, "are you there?"
"Take a look," was all she'd say.

Nabakov said...

I dunno. Most of the fun of coming up with band names is, well, coming up with 'em yourself, 'specially over a few drinks and whatever following a good rehearsal.

Here's a few from my past in such situations where we didn't need no stinkin' algorithms.

Guns From Ice Planet Zero
The Devil's Turnips
The Sin Slippers
I Was A Teenage Teenager
Rock Muzak
Discount Divas
We Are Not You
Electric Sushi (or was it "Eclectic"? Was a long time ago)
Smash 'n' Grab
Prahran Prahran
Blowflies Of Doom
Is This On?
Sinatra's Crabs
Such Shy Boys
Castrate Me Boy Sex Man (which actually happened for a couple of one-off gigs)

and my favourite:

The Elastic Band (sadly it was a bit of a stretch for the others)

boynton said...

I ♥ Prahran Prahran

(Frank Sinatra's Crabs can start spreading the news)

Ann O'Dyne said...

yep me too.
Prahran Prahran's a winner.

Duran Duran
The Best Of Dead Blue Eyes.

onya Nabs.

Track 11 is what it's all about.
Thank you Miss Boynton

genevieve said...

Heh. I like PP & frankie's crabs too.
Very happy Christmas, each and every one.

Helen said...

Elastic Band's been done, Nabs!

Ann O'Dyne said...

Dear Boynton - wishing you a very crippy Crimble.