Wednesday, November 03, 2010


We broke up in 2001

September 11 actually

As you do

In Paris
Overheard while walking dogs
With Boxing gloves.


Ann O'Dyne said...

ah Paris ... the city of reverse romance.

the overhearing is a classic though.

genevieve said...

If you keep this up, you will have to start're definitely a contender.

R.H. said...

I used to hear very excited Ohio girls speaking through their noses to other tourists: "How long have you been in Paris?" I eventually realised they were just pinching themselves.

boynton said...

the paris end

R.H. said...

What- the Paris end of Paris?
Maybe you're right. I stayed at the Melbourne end, lots of shopping malls.

Ann O'Dyne said...

maybe the same person's friend overheard later, re effort to get back into dating:

overheard at a northside tram stop « Vetti: Live in Northcote
17 hours ago by

"When she comes over, your place has to look nice, smell good.
And get some red wine and good music happening. Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen …Leonard Cohen is GOLD. Talk about how much you love Leonard Cohen. Can't go wrong…” ...

vettiliveinnorthcote said...

Brilliant overheard! Love your work!

boynton said...

merci, A'Od for directing me that way.
And merci, vetti.

Your c-OH-en is a classic too.

Must be something in the November air.

R.H. said...

If you like gossip, bingo is the place. Some players are a little group of chums agreeing to share whatever any of them win, even if one of them goes on their own some night.
Overheard from a young lady in the smokers annex, Altona Bingo: "She won three games and didn't tell us so I tipped a can of coke over her head."

Lord Sedgwick said...

Overheard exchange as I walked grand daughter to school one morning.

"Did you get my text message?"

"The one about XYZ?"



boynton said...

RH: summary justice raises the Bingo stakes somewhat.

LS: a LOL loll